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Advanced dental care

We are in pace with all sophisticated technologies and the best doctors with an outstanding track record.

WHY Tumuluri Dental Care

Our Facilities Include

Our Dental specialists have experience in clinical practice and academics. We stay updated with all ultra-modern advancements in the field of dentistry. This has helped us make our own spot among the top dental clinics in Nelakondapally.

Ultra-Sonic Cleaner

We are dedicated to provide safe dental treatment to our trusted patients with clean and sterile instruments. We are one of the best dental clinic in vizag and one amongst very few dental clinics in vizag to have ultra-sonic cleaner in dental clinic. Ultrasonic cleaner produce sound wave from electrical signals. These sound waves create cavitation effect and removes the debris from instrument surface which usually cannot be removed by hand cleaning. We use FDA approved enzymatic solutions in ultrasonic devices to improve efficiency.


It's a machine used to sterilise the instruments and dental materials. Autoclave operated at 1210C and 15 lb pressure for 20 minutes kill all bacteria, spores, fungi and viruses. This ensures safety to patient. We procured imported front-loading autoclave for sterilization of critical and semi critical dental instruments. All our staff are trained to practice standard sterilization protocol using autoclave.

RVG System

We are equipped with latest digital intra oral X-ray system in our clinic for better diagnosis. Our latest system will use minimal radiation exposure and we follow OSHA regulation. All our Xrays are digitally stored for future reference of the patients.

Fogging Machine

We can confidently say Tumuluri Dental Clinic is best dental clinic in nelakondapally for the safety of patients. Entire clinic area is disinfected regularly with fogging machine with FDA approved disinfectant. Fumigation helps to disinfect air borne contaminations. Fogging is best suited to disinfect inaccessible areas and large areas.

Intra Oral Camera

These devices helps record videos and capture images of teeth and oral tissues to establish diagnosis and follow-up. It provides better visuals of oral health issues and help the patient to understand their dental problems. With high magnification, it is possible to identify dental cavities and gum diseases at early stage. It also helps to monitor the improvement of oral health after preventive programs and treatments. The digital photographs can store for future references.

Modern Equipment

We and our dental team have all modern equipment like ultrasonic irrigation devices, apex locators, thermal obturation systems, implant and laser systems to deliver best dental treatment in vizag.

Fully Automated Dental Chair

We have updated and high technology dental chair in the clinic to deliver best dental treatments.

Automatic Soap and Sanitizer Dispensers

Waiting and operatory areas are provided with touchless soap and sanitizer dispensers.

Disposable PPE Kits

We offer disposable PPE kits to patients and treating doctor. These ensure utmost protection to patients and doctors from contaminated aerosols.

High Speed Wi-Fi Facility

We provide a High-Speed Wi-fi facility exclusively for our patients.

Pleasant Ambience

Green themed ambience with 3-d roof design keeps patients calm and comfortable while receiving dental treatment.

Digital Records

We have international standard encrypted hospital management software to monitor the patient appointments regularly online. We save all cases sheets digitally and share a link accessible to patients any point of time.

What Makes Us Unique


Development of Dentigerous cyst may occur around unerupted wisdom teeth, leading to the destruction of bone and gums


Infected wisdom teeth may be associated with bad breath, pus discharge, and difficulty in mouth opening.


Misaligned wisdom teeth may result in cheek biting and soft tissue injuries.



Experienced doctor.. very helpful and cost effective.. definitely recommended..


Polite Receiving, Best treatment in Nelakondapally, I suggested many patients.

Professional Male


Had teeth scaling. Very happy with the ambience and explanation by the doctor and the service

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